BP Ace+ PROGRAM – Scientific Drug-free Blood Pressure Lowering Program

December 31, 2020 by Ace Amino

BP Ace+ PROGRAM is a Hand Holding Drug-free Blood Pressure Lowering Program with Scientific Methodologies to Help:

* Increase Physical Energy Levels
* Improve Memory and Focus
* Reduce Medication Dependence
* Lose Belly Fat and Love Handles

The program consists of 5 steps:

Step 1. Medical Report Walkthrough – Complete Blood Count, Metabolic, Lipid, Thyroid Panel, Ultrasound on Renal Artery, Ultrasound on Common Carotid Artery.

Step 2. Blood Pressure Studies + Home BP Lowering Exercise – Exercise Tolerance during Exercise, Blood Pressure Response during Exercise, Post Exercise Blood Pressure Analysis, Optimised Home BP Lowering Exercise.

Step 3. Grape Flavoured Antioxidant Booster with 9 Clinically Proven Ingredients to Support – Healthy Blood Pressure, Improved Blood Circulation, Lower Body Fat, Relaxation and Sleep Quality.

Step 4. Functional Food Planning – Reduces Anxiety and Blood Pressure Spikes, Eliminates High Blood Pressure Food Triggers, Supports Cardiovascular Health, Promotes Healthy Body Weight.

Step 5. Blood Pressure Tracking + Feedback – Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring, Progress Tracking and Analysis, Program Adjustment Based on Results.

Now available online globally starting from USD120 per month*, with recommended 3 months duration.

Program to be conducted via Zoom and Whatsapp unless otherwise specified.

*Price does not include optional AminoG+ supplements.





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