Module 1


Customised 100% Drug Free Slimming Program for Individuals to Reduce Bodyweight, Decrease Body Fat, and Increase Body Contour Lines. Designed with the Following Goals:

* Improved Self-Image
* Improved Self-Confidence
* Improved Self-Esteem
* Improved Skin Complexion
* Healthy Heart Function
* Healthy Bowel Movement
* Improved Relaxation & Sleep Quality

* Body Fat Reduction

* Bodyweight Reduction

* Muscle Firming & Toning

* 4 Sessions Per Month

* 6 Months Full Body Transformation Program

* Latest Medical Report Interpretation

* 6 Months AMINOG+ PREMIUM Antioxidants

* Diet Plan, Nutrition Plan, Customised Exercise Program

* Regular Progress Monitoring & Adjustment

As we age, our body loses muscle mass therefore contributes to a slower metabolism, with weight gain to follow. There are many causes of weight gain, with excessive caloric intake being one of the most commonly known. However, this is not always the cause because weight gain may due to medical condition such as hormonal disorder which is usually not identified.

As long as the cause remains unidentified therefore not treated, any attempt to lose weight will render ineffective if not futile. This explains why many weight loss programs which are usually based on caloric restriction, intermittent fasting, and exercise do not work, or they decrease in effectiveness over time. Although these programs may help reduce bodyweight initially, they usually lose effectiveness over time, and bodyweight rebounds to higher levels than the levels prior to the start of the program.

This is because the body maintains Homeostasis. Hypothetically, the brain has a “PRESET” bodyweight. Any attempt to deviate the bodyweight from this “PRESET” bodyweight will result in Auto-compensation by the body. For instance, reducing caloric input through fasting will cause the body to decrease its resting metabolism. Sustainable weight lose and weight management program require careful: Study, Interpretation, Planning, Execution, and Control with periodic program adjustments.

The FIT Ace+ PROGRAM is a slimming and weight management program using the latest scientific methodologies to reduce your bodyweight, body fat, and enhancing body contour lines. This program is currently made available to clients at age 18 or above only.